Rebar suppliers in uae

Rebar Manufacturer in Abu Dhabi, UAE

The Gulf Steel product mix is an outcome of planned integration of the advanced industry-level equipment, technologies and best practices in sustainability.

We pride ourselves on being the perfect value-added partner for various industrial sectors; construction, oil & gas, shipping & logistics, etc. The focus when manufacturing has always been cutting edge equipment, latest technology and best practices in quality product. Our current product line comprises Reinforcement bars (Rebars), flat bars and serrated bars.


Reinforcement Steel Bars (Rebars)

Reinforcement Bars (Rebars)

Serrated Bars

Serrated Bars

Flat Bars

Flat Bars

Cut and Bend Reinforcement steel

Cut & Bend Reinforcement Steel Bars

Epoxy Coated

Epoxy Coated

Square Bars & Plain Bars

Square Bars & Plain Bars


In relentless pursuit of quality


Gulf Steel’s state-of-the-art production facility is located at Musaffah, Abu Dhabi. This is where technology, precision and well-planned processes come together to craft the finest construction steel products.


Leading edge processes

  • Rolling Mills with TMT Process, Automatic Cooling Bed and Material Handling Equipment
  • Cold Ribbing Lines
  • Advanced straightening and cutting lines
  • A fully equipped testing lab encompassing a Universal Testing Machine, Re-Bending Machine, Spectro Meter, Nitrogen Analyzer and Rib Measuring Instrument.


Cut & Bend Facilities:

Constantly upgrading


Cut and bend is a value-added solution for the optimization and fabrication of rebars in a factory environment. Steel bars are cut to custom sizes and bent to specific shapes. They are accurate and
specific since the entire manufacturing process is automated. This also allows us to reduce cost and time elements and enhance safety to the region’s large-scale construction projects. We also proactively invest in technology that allows us to deliver superior support to our clients.


Breakthrough initiatives

  • Cadormatic Shear Line RS 300 and Chain Conveyor
  • Automatic Double Bender
  • Twinmaster 12S
  • Heavy-Duty Rebar Bending Machines with Single Bending Tables
  • Spiral Making Machines
  • Manual Cutting Machine