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Gulf Steel manufactures hot rolled low carbon reinforcement steel bars (Deformed Steel Bars) through Thermo Mechanical Treatment (TMT) process, in sizes ranging from 8 mm to 32 mm and in lengths ranging from 6 meters  of 12 meters. The reinforcement steel bars are produced according to BS/ASTM/SASO / ISO 6935 standards.


Manufacturing Facilities

Gulf Steel is currently capable of producing 300,000 TPA of Deformed Steel Bars, 36,000 TPA of Cold Ribbed Bars in coils and cut to length and Cut & Bend production of 36,000 TPA 


The Plant Facilities

- Two Rolling Mills with TMT Process, Automatic Cooling Bed and Material Handling Equipment
- Two Cold Ribbing Lines
- Two advanced straightening and cutting lines
- A fully equipped testing lab comprising of Universal Testing Machine, Re Bending Machine,  Spectro Meter, Nitrogen Analyzer and Rib Measuring Equipment.


Cut & Bend Facilities:

  • Cadormatic Shear Line RS 300 and Chain Conveyor 
  • Automatic Double Bender
  • Twinmaster 12S 
  • Heavy-Duty Rebar Bending Machines with Single Bending Tables
  • Spiral Making Machines
  • Manual Cutting Machines

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Reinforcement Steel Bars ( rebars)

Reinforcement Steel Bars

From diameter 8 mm to 32mm

From diameter 10 mm to 30mm

Plain Bars

From diameter 10 mm to 30mm

CARES Approved Steel - Square Bar

Square Bars

From diameter 9 mm to 25mm

Cut & Bend Reinforcement Steel Bars

Cut & Bend Reinforcement Steel Bars

Conforming to BS 8666