Health & Safety

Environmentally Conscious, Committed To Health & Safety

Gulf Steel OHSMS system is certified by the Industrial Development Bureau and a third party inspection is done every year to check the effectiveness of the system.

Gulf Steel is committed to sustainability and preserving the environment. We adopt every possible measure to ensure the safety of our planet and the people who work for us.

In keeping with the environmental philosophy, the company includes, supports and monitors the following:


  • Total compliance with all applicable statutory requirements and a few more of our own determination
  • Extensive programs to prevent pollution, improve health, safety, conservation and waste reduction
  • Continuous improvement of environmental and occupational health and safety standards through the application of efficient systems and procedures
  • Educating and training staff members to behave in an environmentally responsible manner

Gulf Steel believes that care for environment is essential and a must, both in terms of social responsibilities and for the future of the business

Health & Safety