What is a Rebar?

Simply put, the words' reinforcement bar' used in construction are truncated and called a 'rebar' – Rebars are generally made of steel. We all know that concrete is one of the primary elements used in construction. However, the material comes with a fragile tension, which requires reinforcement that improves its condition when loaded. Steel is the only element used in rebars because its thermal expansion coefficient or elongation due to high temperatures is roughly comparable to concrete.

Steel rebars come with several benefits and come in various types and sizes. Standard specifications are laid down for rebars depending upon their usage and the yield and tensile strengths required.           

Types of steel rebars:

Mild Steel Bar:

One of simplest forms of steel bars, mild plain steel bars have been used in construction for quite some time now. These come with a plain outer surface (unlike ribbed bars) and do not come with sufficient tensile strength, which is around 40000psi. These are beneficial in smaller construction projects where a large amount of steel strength is not required. These are economical as well.

Stainless Steel Rebars:

Considered one of the best rebars to be used, especially in highly corrosive areas and where repairs can be difficult and expensive, stainless steel rebars have a long life and are incredibly durable. While resistant to corrosion (1500x more than black bars), these do not require any maintenance and are not damaged during installation or in transit.

Deformed Steel bars:

The surface of deformed steel bars has ribs, lugs and other distortions that strengthen the interaction between concrete and steel. High yield, bond and tensile strengths are abundant in deformed steel bars. These don't need hooks since they come with stronger bonding capabilities than mild steel bars.

Epoxy Coated Rebars:

The Epoxy-Coated rebar is simply the deformed steel bar glazed with epoxy. Electrostatic spraying is used to apply this finish, making it useful when structures are exposed to saltwater or where corrosion is highly likely. The epoxy coating feature makes this rebar 70 to 1700x erosion resistive than the simple black bar. You can find these rebars in marine structures, roadways and others.

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